Alltech Electronics provides convenient and compliant eWaste Management Solutions; from asset management and de-manufacturing to data destruction, recycling, and disposal of electronic waste, we poses a solution for your dilemma!

Get IT asset management solutions you can trust

Do you have IT equipment that you don’t need any more, ever wonder if it has any market value, or how safe data is? And, with recent and never ending changes in government regulations regarding data destruction, environmentally safe recycling methods, and the inherent risks of improper disposal of memory storage devices isn't as simple as tossing it into a dumpster. Actually, with Alltech Electronics it’s that simple.

Alltech Electronics is an industry leader in IT asset management providing custom solutions tailored to your IT manager’s needs, and when it comes to responsibility, security, and safety in retiring IT assets, no one offers more services or accommodates more than us. Regardless to the amount of eWaste you produce or the types of equipment you discard, we have an option to fit your time and budget.

No matter where you are in Southern California, we will pick up by the truckload and get them to our certified facilities. You can rest assured that your e-Waste will be destroyed or recycled in accordance with all government and environmental regulations.

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Data destruction

A number of options are available to ensure that data is properly destroyed in accordance with all government and environmental standards. When unwanted assets are gone, data is too;

1. Secure Data Destruction/Degaussing - Department of Defense level data destruction certifiable service
2.Device shredding – Just like it sounds! The device is shredded and it doesn’t exist anymore service.

Understanding there are ways to remove sensitive information from a hard drive even after it has been rendered inoperable, we offer hard drive shredding. Once the drive has been through the shredder, there is no way to extract information.

Logistics services - Our Green Service

Do you know the value of the surplus IT equipment? Do you have the time to go through and inventory everything? Our team comes to your location and sort-out all the electronic surplus, assist in asset management, identify, separate re-marketable assets, and purchase it. As for non re-marketable items, we'll pick-up and take care of the rest.

Technology Remarketing

We buy and sell network hardware and no one pays more for surplus equipment. Even though some hardware has no working value, it might still add $$$ to the bottom line. Our Technology Remarketing program is a comprehensive asset management solutions and offers cash, credit or trade for a wide variety of your used voice and data equipment. Rest assured, you will obtain the maximum value for any hardware that can still be used in the industry.

Products purchased will be fully cleaned, refurbished, recertified, and cycled back into the marketplace as refurbished equipment but it all happens after we wipe all data and return it to factory defaults.

We'll inventory your surplus equipment and provide expert advice on its value.

Full data cleansing and returned to factory defaults

We secure the highest prices, and pay the best market value for the equipment

Here's an example of some of the items we typically buy; switches, routers, phones, PBX and PBX components, UPS systems, servers, storage devices, VoIP, and wireless equipment. If you're not sure about your inventory, just send a list and we'll get you a quote. We Reuse, Recycle, Recondition, Resell, Reclaim, Return, Remove.